SonyDrive Search Engine

This program can search all of HTML files in this server (excepting the files used for CGI, PDF, or others which are not HTML files). Please input some keywords freely.
Category: Format:
You can do a boolean search with some operand "AND OR NOT" and ( ) brackets.
	ex1) financial result
	ex2) digital and video
	ex3) CD-R not CD-ROM

Essence of "SonyDrive Search Engine"

SonyDrvie Search Engine is an full text search engine of WWW site. The system has some charasteristics as follows:

Score culculation in SonyDrive Search Engine

Scores of each files are defined as follows:

Download the Search Engine!!

Now it's available to download the Search Engine program. Sony Corporation allows you to use this program only when you agreed some conditions described in download page. You must read it carefully before download.

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